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Our Philosophy

The Shellharbour/Kiama Family Day Care Scheme strives to provide a warm friendly and quality home-based care environment for children whose parents need to be absent for the purpose of work, employment seeking, studying or respite.

A culturally inclusive family day care scheme recognises values and celebrates the cultural differences that exist in its children, families, carers and coordination unit staff.

Children are welcomed into a safe home environment and cared for in a small group by a registered Educator who will provide daily experiences and routines which will promote the development of each child to their full potential. Professional child care staff are available as a resource and offer support to both educators and parents to ensure that the needs of the child are met and maintained.

Shellharbour/Kiama Family Day Care scheme is committed to a team approach, involving parents, educators and staff to ensure that all the children placed in our care are treated as valuable and special individuals.

Scheme Aims

1. To provide a high quality and accessible home based child care alternative which is relevant and responsive to the needs of families and the community.

2. To foster cognitive, social, physical, creative and emotional development of each child by recognizing and accepting their individuality.

3. To utilise existing resources in the community including those individuals with knowledge, skills and experience in child care to provide and manage a culturally relevant service.