Our Philosophy

We understand that this statement of philosophy reflects our practice, priorities and procedures. It guides our operations and underpins our values.
We value high quality and creating safe and stimulating learning environments for the children within our care . We believe each child is a competent learner and choose to nurture every child's personal journey of change and growth. 

We believe the child's early play environment is central to lifelong learning and we offer opportunities which stimulate and engage their attention.
We believe in the importance of supporting children to explore, experiment, discover and be creative as this allows them to solve problems and express ideas. We believe this leads to the development of relationships, positive self-esteem and life skills at home, in care and education, and in the community.

We prioritise protecting the rights of children, advocating for them and challenging bias. We promote working together peacefully and encourage understanding and social justice.

We reflect on our practices as we acknowledge that a continual cycle of learning and reflection for all service stakeholders ensures professional, meaningful and stimulating relationships and practices are developed and maintained.

We actively engage in and promote sustainable practices throughout our service.. We believe in a positive and proactive approach to our environment and encourage educators and children to discover respect for the land, nature and animals. We continue our journey towards a sustainable future for the well-being of all in the community.

We respect and celebrate diversity within our organisation and within our community and we are inclusive. We believe each child is a unique and special individual who needs affection, laughter and encouragement and who brings enjoyment to their family, community and world. We accept each child and family in relation to their values, culture, beliefs and abilities.

We encourage and nourish relationships with our organisation and community. We welcome community involvement, recognising it as an evolving resource benefiting the child, family and community. We recognise the importance of family partnerships and believe our service will be enriched through their valuable contributions.

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