What is Family Day Care?

Shellharbour/Kiama Family Day Care is an education and care service that provides quality learning opportunities for children 0 – 12 years. Registered educators provide a holistic play-based learning program to children in their own family day care settings from their home environment.

Educators are registered under Shellharbour/Kiama Family Day Care service, who oversee and support educators, children and families. Family Day Care is an education and care service that operates under the National Education and Care Regulations and National Standards.

How much does it cost?

Each registered educator will have their own fee schedule based upon an hourly rate. Parents and educators have the opportunity to discuss fee costs during the interview process. Parents have the opportunity to utilise Child Care System (CCS), these are Government incentives to assist parents with the costs of child care. If parents elect and are eligible for CCS the fee amount is reduced, parents then pay the gap amount directly to the educator.

For information on eligibility for CCS visit Family Assistance website https://www.humanservices.gov.au/

What is Child Care Subsidy?

Child Care Subsidy is a payment to assist families who use approved child care.  CCS is means tested and certain criteria must also be met. For information on eligibility for CCS visit Family Assistance website https://www.humanservices.gov.au/

What if the educator is sick? What about public holidays?

If your educator is sick, on holidays or unable to provide care for your child/ren fees for that period will be adjusted as you will not be charged for that day of care. If you require care for the period when your educator is unavailable, the service will assist parents in finding alternate care with another educator if possible.

If your child is unable to attend care on a normally booked day fees for that day will still have to be paid.

Under the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) guidelines fees are still payable to the educator for public holidays. Some educators may have arrangements in place with families regarding the payment of public holidays.

How do I enrol?

Parents contact the service and place their children on the waiting list. A member of the coordination unit will see if there are any educators that are able to assist in placing your child/ren. The Coordination unit will contact you and offer you names and contact details for any educators that be able to meet your needs (in relation to priority of access guidelines).

Enrolling in our Service

Further information  on enrolling your child can be found under the enrolment tab at the top of the page.

Do I get a choice of educators?

We like to offer parents the choice of several educators if possible. The choice of educators is unique to family day care and allows parents to find the best fit for their child and family.

What do I bring?

Each educator may have specific requirements for families, such as own linen, food etc. It is best to speak to your educator, but a general guide is:

• A spare set of clothes and underwear in case of accidents
• A set of warm/cool clothes in case of weather changes
• A hat and sunscreen
• An adequate supply of nappies
• Prepared bottles and baby food
• Snacks, lunch and drinks

Any medication if required

What will my child learn?

The service and each educator develop programs and experiences for children based on a holistic play-based learning approach that reflect the five learning outcomes. This approach is the basis of the learning frameworks Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF- Belonging, Being, Becoming) and the School Aged Framework (MTOP- My Time, Our Place). These frameworks are part of the National Quality Standards, the standards that all education and care services must follow.

Educators also complete daily evaluations (daily journals), assessments for learning for children (observations), learning stories and maintain a ‘portfolio’ type of developmental record for each child. Parents are able to view their child’s ‘portfolio’ at any time.

Are educators qualified?

Our Accredited Registered educators must attend our training course before becoming registered with our service. Their family day care environment must also meet service and National Education and Care Regulations and Standards.

Our educators hold qualifications that range from Certificate III in Children’s Services to Diploma in Children’s Services to Teaching degrees. All of our educators have senior first aid certification.

All educators have completed a Working with Children Check, other adult members of the household also under go and have completed Working with Children Checks.

Educators also attend regular professional developments workshops through the coordination unit. Workshops are industry based and are reflected of current trends in the early childhood domain.

Are educators monitored?

Educators receive unannounced visits from service staff known as Education and Care Coordinators (ECC). The role of the ECC is to offer support and guidance to educators when required, also to ensure that educators maintain and uphold a quality service that is reflective of the service philosophy, policies and in line with National Regulations and Standards.

Educators must undergo annual home safety assessments to remain registered with our service.

What if I have a problem, issue or feedback?

If you have any issues or concerns with your educator or your child you are encouraged to speak with your educator first, then speak to a member of staff at the Coordination Unit. The service has a grievance and compliant policy in place. We are always open to positive feedback and suggestions.

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